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Whats Up on Bainbridge IslandFor local events:
What’s Up Bainbridge

Each episode brings you a 5-minute preview of an upcoming local event, described by the event organizer. Click “Subscribe” on iTunes or Stitcher.

BCB_150pxWhosOnPodcast_FINALFor local people:
Who’s On Bainbridge

In each episode, listen in on a 15 to 25 minute personal conversation with a local islander who helps make Bainbridge Island such an interesting and engaging place to live. Subscribe on iTunes.

BCB Community Cafe Bainbridge Island - 150For local issues:
Community Cafe

In the time it takes to share a coffee at a cafe with a friend who cares about community, we hear the local need or issue that’s on the mind of a local Bainbridge Island resident. Subscribe on iTunes.

Bainbridge Island OutdoorsFor outdoor activities:
Bainbridge Outdoors

In each episode of this new show, we invite you to step outside on foot, bike or boat and enjoy our island’s nature, wildlife, sights, sounds and people along the way. Subscribe on iTunes.

Tastes of Bainbridge IslandFor local food:
Tastes of Bainbridge

This is one of our newest BCB podcast radio shows and it reflects the great Bainbridge Island interest in local foods, farming, gardening, recipes, cooking and dining in this community. Subscribe on iTunes.

Bainbridge Island On CampusFor a teen perspective:
Bainbridge On Campus

BCB’s student partners at the Bainbridge High School Radio Club offer their perspective of the campus and the island community as a whole. Subscribe on iTunes.

Bainbridge Community Broadcasting - BCB - logoOur overall radio project — called Bainbridge Community Broadcasting or BCB — is brought to the island by local nonprofit Sustainable Bainbridge.

Lyssa Danehy deHart serves as BCB Volunteer Coordinator

Lyssa Danehy deHart serves as BCB Volunteer Coordinator

Expect stories — all with a local focus — about artists, musicians, local food, farming and gardening, island nature, outdoor activities, community issues, local history, local economy, and the schools.

Kayla at the BCB mic

Kayla Black brings a professional background to her role as voice trainer and podcast host.

Our BCB project spans the generations — seniors, other adults, teenagers. And our current group of more than 30 active adult volunteers is supplemented by the Bainbridge High School Radio Club that BCB helped to establish and equip. BCB will continue to seek local volunteers — with or without prior radio experience — to fill openings for interview hosts, studio techs, audio editors, trainers, schedulers and social media power users.

Meanwhile, BCB has created two studio facilities in the Winslow area.

Members of the BCB-supported Bainbridge High School Radio Club.

Sustainable Bainbridge funded a studio for adult volunteers at the Marge Williams Center on Winslow Way, and the Rotary Club awarded a grant that has equipped the radio studio at Bainbridge High School.

By the beginning of next year, we plan to add internet streaming radio running continuously each day.  That would be in addition to continuing our offering of on-demand radio shows in the form of podcasts.

And, if funds are sufficient, we also intend next year to broadcast local information and updates in case of emergencies.

Volunteer podcast host Annie Osburn

Volunteer podcast host Annie Osburn brings years of experience as a professional interviewer and writer

Contact us to inquire about opportunities for you to play a role in local community radio!

And for more information about opportunities for volunteers or how to receive BCB’s radio shows, contact Barry Peters, the BCB Project Manager, at

Barry Peters, of BCB, celebrates BCB going "on the air" on May 1

Barry Peters, Station Manager of BCB, celebrates BCB going “on the air” on May 1, 2014

When contacting BCB about your potential interest as a volunteer, please let us know the community topics that are of particular interest to you and any relevant experience or background that you may bring to BCB. Or simply fill in our contact form for potential volunteers.

Credit:   Podcast art has been donated by BCB volunteer Alex Sanso, of artopia creative.

In June 2014, Bainbridge Community Foundation awarded BCB a start-up support grant.

In June and December 2014, Bainbridge Community Foundation awarded start-up grants to BCB.

A Bainbridge Rotary Club grant funded a BCB studio

A Bainbridge Rotary Club grant funded a BCB studio